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SparkFish aims to inspire and encourage young people in faith, hope and love. Schools are fully equipped for academic learning but many appreciate support in the areas of spiritual, moral and social development.  SparkFish helps young people to reach beneath the surface of life - to explore their identity and relationships, their values and beliefs. 


Schools can access skilled support within the three complementary strands of our work, which are unpacked in the panels below:


SparkFish fosters teamwork between youth and children’s workers in local churches, encouraging them to build relationships with schools. Some offer extra-curricular clubs where students can find out more about the Bible. Browse our Gallery.


 RE events which bring the Bible to life, and assemblies which explore values for life.

SparkFish aims to explain the Christian faith intelligently, encouraging young people to make their own informed response. Drawing from the Bible and Christian history, our assemblies support the values of the school, whether it is a community or a faith-based setting.


For Primary schools, SparkFish offers a popular two-part RE programme for the main festivals of the year:

  •  The Christmas Journey is an interactive telling of the nativity story for Year 2 pupils

  • The Easter Experience is a dramatic presentation of Holy Week and Easter for Year 5 pupils 


In both cases, the narrative is faithful to the Bible, and children are encouraged to understand, reflect and question.

In addition, SparkFish can arrange for knowledgeable  visitors and informative visits to enrich learning in other areas of the RE curriculum.


Space and time in a busy school for reflection and wonder, hopes and prayers.
SparkFish helps schools provide space in the curriculum for spiritual development. The school sets a room aside for several days and the SparkFish team converts it into THINK! - a special space for students to reflect, wonder, ponder and, if they wish, pray.

THINK! draws on rich Christian traditions of reflection and prayer in an open and inclusive way. THINK! is a place for quiet, but not for stillness. It is set up with activities to engage minds and hearts with questions there isn’t usually time to ask: about life’s origins and meaning, about human values and relationships. It can bring things to the surface which are usually hidden.

Students of all ages respond warmly to this opportunity with comments like these: “It is so calm and you can think about anything….It was very DEEP… It made me think a lot about why I am here on earth and who has made me who I am today… I could speak to God privately… Keep doing this - you’re helping loads.”
Support for students at times of change and challenge - through mentoring, courses and workshops.

SparkFish seeks to walk alongside young people, especially at times when they are more vulnerable in the circumstances of life.


One such time is when they change schools, so we offer a programme to support transition from Year 6 to 7. This goes beyond practical advice,  helping students to explore their feelings of gratitude and loss, fear and hope. 


SparkFish also offers a number of strategies to support students with care and sensitivity at times when they need extra encouragement:

  • a friendly place to go at lunch break

  • a counsellor or mentor, meeting regularly with a child or young person

  •  small group courses to build self-esteem or help at times of loss


These interventions are evaluated with care. One young person said, “Now I have got to know people I’m more comfortable and have lots of confidence.”  One senior teacher has said, “SparkFish has been instrumental in enabling our most vulnerable students to thrive and achieve.”



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